Moreno Tonioni

A great man always has “d behind ” a great woman ”. I read and reread this widespread aphorism and I ask myself a question; How big can the man who has ” side ” be a great woman?


National Poetry Competition 'Mani in volo ' - Third and
fourth edition (Secretariat - Book editing - Graphics)

Contest 'Castello di

Sopramonte ' from 2013

to today .. (Writer of the comments on the awarded poems).

Competition 'La Couleur d'un Po

éme '

in the latest editions (Writer of the critical comments on the awarded poems).


Premio Lettarario 'Poesia
è Vita ' from the

first edition to today (Member of the Jury)

Lettarario Award 'Sogni di
Pietra ' from the second edition

to the 2020 edition (Member of the Jury)

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