Moreno Tonioni


Writing - Poetry - Events - Philology- Empathy

I spent a period of my life in which I slept little at night due to constant nightmares in
my sleep. It was then that I started writing, realizing little after my doing freed much worse ghosts in equally sleepless nights.


biography: Moreno in real life and never-more (absolute denial) when he expresses emotions in words. was born in Bologna in September 1959, and lives in the Dolciniane

Although he has long preferred collaboration rather than participation in literary competitions, his writings have obtained generous acclaim, having been awarded, among other things, at the University of Tor Vergata and more times in the Campidoglio in Rome.

Reviewer of the operas participating in various competitions, it was in turn reviewed by Dr. Livia Di Pietro, expert in didactics of poetry and promoter of cultural events in the

capital tr Astaverina. Tonioni currently collaborates in various poetry competitions and works as editor of editorial publications.

Of his many aphorisms there is one who likes to
quote: “Love è the joy of giving and the amazement of receiving ” .

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